10 Personal Transportation Inventions From The Future

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Wondering what the future of personal transportation looks like? Well, buckle up, because it’s already here––at least glimpses of it. We’re talking next-generation hyper scooters, exhilarating one-wheelers, powered rocket skates and much more. If right now you’re whizzing around town on a regular bicycle, scooter or motorbike, you're bound to find one serious upgrade on today’s list of futuristic vehicles.
Welcome to another episode of TechJoint. Here are 10 Personal Transportation Vehicles From The Future. Speaking of crazy rides, did you know flying motorcycles are already a thing? Make sure you stick around for #1 to check it out. Alright, strap yourselves in and let’s get going!

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10 Personal Transportation Inventions From The Future [Links]

10. Rocket Skates -
9. D-Fly -
8. Loomo -
7. YX-One -
6. Jyroball -
5. RYNO Micro-Cycle -
4. Stator Ride -
3. Onewheel+ XR -
2. KIWANO KO1+ -
1. Lazareth LMV 496 -

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