3v3ing Fans In A Private Server [With disgame and MaskedSora] | Anime Battle Arena

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hi like sub and join discord

@MaskedSora @Disgame

thx cupy and toidn for thumbnail!

intro song:
outro song:

Music Used:

Bleach - Clavar La Espada (Trap Remix) | [Musicality Remix]

Night of Nights (Flowering nights remix) By COOL&CREATE/BeatMARIO

Dragon Ball Super Opening 2 Remix - Limit-Break x Survivor | Hip Hop/Trap | @MusicalityBeats

One Piece Remix - Overtaken / The Very Very Strongest | Hip Hop/Trap | (Musicality Remix)

Bleach - La Distancia Para Un Duelo (Trap Remix) | [Musicality Remix]
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