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We have finally finished the 5 man Championship Career Mode, but that was onot where the series finished! 3 of us got promoted to the Premier League, while 2 of us got a new job! This is the 5 man Premier League Career Mode in FIFA 21! We have Greg having his FIFA 21 Blackburn Career Mode, Liam with his Derby Country FIFA 21 Career Mode, Lucas with his Stoke City FIFA 21 Career Mode, Woz with his Watford FIFA 21 Career Mode & Matt with his West Ham FIFA 21 Career Mode! We will be competing against each other and trying to finish as high up the table as possible!

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-Each competitor has 4 championship matches every episode.
-2 are played and 2 are simmed.
-If a match against one of your competitors is one of the 4 matches, that counts as a played game.
-Matches played against each other are on online friendlies with custom squads.
-Results of those matches will be inputted into the competitors separate career modes.
-Some may be inputted in future episodes since career mode schedules are randomized.
-Cup matches won't be shown at this moment, but we might make a bonus video (link may be here)
-Matt and Greg are on Ultimate, the others are on Legendary.
-If the played matches become too easy, we will make adjustments.
-Goal is to get promoted in the first season, and get more points than your competitors.

Song from Liam vs Woz: Dancing girl - KUWAGO
Outro - from Tory Music (IG link will come soon)
Any other music is provided by YuoTube

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