[6] Growing in Multiple Directions! | The Latin Empire! | Let's Play Ante Bellum | Modded EU4 1.30

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Welcome to Ante Bellum, an alternate history mod for Europa Universalis IV (EU4) created by my good friend Parmelion! This mod is very well fleshed out with interesting lore, tags, and flavor!
I encourage you to check it out for yourself, but we will be playing a campaign on the channel as well, so feel free to play along!
Starting as the Knights Hospitaller, we will conquer Constantiople and reinstate the Latin Empire and mend the schism of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Christianity!

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Videos and associated commentary are intended to be transformative in nature and thus fall under the "Fair Use" laws of video use.

This video may contain some audio from the "Themes of the Old World" mod on the Steam Workshop for Europa Universalis IV, with the audio created, and licensed to Chewyshoot, by Camiel.
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