9 FUNNY DIY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Cool And Easy Ways To Pull A Prank by 123 Go! Live

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Plastic knife and a simple red marker can make an awesome prank, you know!????
We'll show you how to have fun with your friends this summer, how to use everyday items to pull the best pranks on your siblings and how to win prank wars with a ketchup and a straw!

You can use school supplies for a funny school tricks, or makeup palette to draw fake pimples on your classmates face!
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00:01 Fake wound prank using plastic knife
01:01 Funny pranks for friends, how to put things in jello
03:03 Genius sibling prank
04:35 Genius prank on you sister
05:28 Friends prank wars, school prank DIY
07:03 Best DIY prank tutorial
10:17 Funny behind the scenes moments
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