A Few Crazy People Blame Asian Americans. Thus, ALL the Evil White Americans are Raycisst. What the?

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Because, isolated, and thankfully few instances of raycissm against Asian Americans, blaming them for this current situation, means that obviously ALL evil white Americans are rayciss against Asian people.

So, we need a PSA to show those evil white raycissts that Asians are people 're not a other fantastic bullshit.

One does eventually wonder, what world do these people live in? Because it's certainly not the world of reality.

Everyone needs to be a part of a victim class, I guess. And here we have now Asian the victim card.

of the most successful people in the United States and the WORLD are of Asian descent. How is that even possible with all this evil white raycissm running around? Well, that's because there ISN'T raycissm running around.

But the race card is an easy one to

The Ad Council: Love Has No Labels: Stop the Spread of Anti-Asian Racism?

I would guess a lot of Asian folks are probably thinking, what Anti-Asian racism? Where?

Ad Council: Press Release about the PSA

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