Aakash Rajan - Life is fiction (Lyric Video)

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The leading single & the title track from Life is fiction - EP.

It is not less often that we experience extremes of different feelings, at times giving out, a rush of contrast emotions, more often, expressed & shown outside. This song is about a fresh & a whole different perspective to life: None of what's happening around us is real! All humans, animals, good, evil, everything! We're all one big ball of energy and that's just it. Anything anyone says, it’s just their opinion and right or wrong is always a perspective and even if we’re aware of that, we often find ourselves forgetting it. No matter what happens to you that gives you extremes of sadness or happiness, it’s all fiction, at the end of the day! You should be vigilant & not fall for it! This perception is a secret to serenity & sanity, at least to me! It makes me not worry about the potential problems & over-celebrate things in life, cause everything is temporary and believe that whatever happens, it's all cool & was just meant to happen, instead of obsessing over things I really don’t have to care about. Maybe it's just the laziness in me, I don't know. Anyway, I just felt like putting this thought, out & I hope it makes you feel better.

Written, produced & performed by Aakash Rajan
Mixed, mastered & guitars arranged by Hrday Sunil
Distribution Partner: CDBaby India
Video by Shoikot Hossain
Album cover by Anjana Balyan

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©℗ Aakash Rajan 2020

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