Adjusting to gaming life with a 1 year old

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Andrea and Corey take you through the ins and outs of their gaming life this past year. They have both been missing the Hit Points Gaming community and felt it was time to turn the cameras back on.

Sorry everyone, no gameplay here but expect to find some quick game reviews and a few parenting plights.

Jump to some highlighted game discussion
Everdell 2:50
This War of Mine 4:21
Forgotten Waters 7:40
Horizon Zero Dawn 10:30
Time Stories 14:23
Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion 19:22
Heritage 27:58
Pandemic Legacy Season Zero 31:32
Altar Quest 35:45
A War of Whispers 37:19
Waste Knight 38:53
Duck Duck Dance 39:49
Feed the Woozle 40:38
Etherfields 41:22
Tainted Grail 49:30
Kingdom Death 52:30

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