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Title - Kangana Ranaut Property Lifestyle!

In the Bollywood industry, Kangana Ranaut, known as Controversy Queen, is one such successful actress.
Who created a stir in the industry with his first film "Gangster".

The audience loves her wonderful acting so much that it is called the most expensive actress of Bollywood in today's time.

But friends, you know everything about Kangana Ranaut but do you know about her property, how much property your favorite actress owns and how much luxurious life she has lived? Don't know, no problem!

In today's video, we will make you aware of their total wealth and lifestyle.

If you also want to get familiar with this interesting information, then stay with us till the end of this video and you should not forget to like our video for the Bollywood queen of Bollywood.

Bollywood's Controversy Queen Kangana Ranaut has acted in 41 films in her 14-year career, most of which turned out to be a hit.

Let me tell you, Kangana Ranaut charges 11 to 12 crores for working in a film.

Apart from this, they also earn crores from brand endorsement. In this way, they have built a property worth 84 crores on the basis of their hard work.
Whose is the only mistress. These include his luxurious bungalow in Mumbai, which costs around Rs crore.
Apart from this, he also has a bungalow in "Pali Hill" in Mumbai Bandra which is worth crores.
Along with Mumbai, he has also bought a property worth 30 crores in Manali to build a luxurious bungalow with a corner interior and 8 bedrooms in the bungalow in which it lives with his parents and brother.

Now friends, this is a mistress of 84 crores rupees, so obviously it would be very luxurious life!

Let's start with his clothing collection, he is very fond of wearing stylish and designing clothes which have "saree", "suit", "jeans", "crop top", "short", "gown" and "lehenga" There is a collection of many dresses.
In which they have a simple jeans of 80 thousand. Along with these dresses, they also have a good collection of shoes and sandals which include many sandals like "Parada", "High Heels", "Aldo", "Gukki".
In which their price of one Parada Hills is in millions of rupees.
Apart from this, they also have a very good collection of handbags which include orange colored "Birkin Bag", "Goochie Lady", "Web Suede Bag", which is priced at Rs. lakhs.

Finally, let's talk about his car collection, which includes cars like "BMW 7 Series", "Mercedes Benz", "Audi" and "Mini Cooper".

If we look at his personal life, then he is currently single, but at one time he had an affair with Aditya Pancholi, Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan, but this relationship did not last long.

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