Amazing Before & After VFX Breakdown - The Wandering Earth

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In a future where the sun is expanding into a red dwarf and the earth is in danger of burning up, China comes up with a solution. Use 10,000 engines to move the earth to a different solar system light years away. Though it may sound like a goofball movie it was 2019's highest grossing film and Netflix has picked up the streaming rights.

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Weta workshop created multiple spacesuits, exoskeletons and weapons to be used by the actors, based on the director Frant Gwo and his teams initial designs these were both functional and practical giving them an authenticity which helped sell the VFX.
In total there were over 10,000 specifically-built props made for this film.

Special effects
Not everything was props though, over 2,000 special effects shots were needed and a substantial amount of CGI work.
Base FX, Bottleship VFX, Dexter Studios, Macrograph, More VFX, and Black Mondo all helped create the VFX for this movie with Pixomondo taking lead.
Pixomondo produced 216 shots including 50 full CG shots.

Pixomondo had to produce 185 assets for this movie including the whole of the Shanghai city environment, the rescue bubble, cargo plane, the drone, the heroes' vehicles, the frozen canyon, and of course "the ice wall".
The dimensions of the Shanghai city were all "true to size" so the ice wall ended up being over 1,300ft and the total environment covered a 28 mile radius. for something so big Pixomondo had to build new tools and an entirely new scene management pipeline to be able to handle the workload of this project. in the end the ice wall was composed of 20 different modules which could be constructed depending on the needs of the environment.

Bottleship VFX
Bottleship built the sequence where the characters try to escape a frozen tower within shanghai city, the complexity of this scene was that the collapse was seen from both inside and out and shimmering glass had to look different to ice and also behave differently when smashing.

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