An Odd PS5 Feature Announced And A BIG Retro Inspired Game Gets Revealed | News Wave

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Yesterday there was an odd announcement made for the PS5 with Denuvo being used for Anti Cheat measures that saw backlash online mostly from the track record that Denuvo has. A big game was announced yesterday with a blast from the past for Super Nintendo or Arcade fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

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00:00 - Start

00:50 - Batman Arkham Knight Xbox Enhancement

2:19 - Fake Early Access Scam Emails

3:35 - Nintendo Runs Out Of 3DS Parts Early

4:43 - Denuvo Anti Cheat On PS5

7:44 - New TMNT Game Announced

10:42 - HTC Vive Face Tracker

12:39 - EA Investigating Employee Selling Fifa Ultimate Team Cards

15:27 - Poll

16:20 - Comment Of The Day

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