Are you advertiser-friendly enough? Why "Super Followers" Matters | STREAMER NEWZ 03-12-2021

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Streaming Pokemon VIVID VOLTAGE Booster Box opening on Twitch right after this!
Pokemon TCG Channel Launched! Holo Quest -
Moving Vlogs are basically done! Full Playlist -

New Elgato Products:
Wave Panels & LED Strips -
Here’s a thread from Crash as to why that matters -
XSplit adds watermark support for Zoom calls etc. to VCam -
Twitter gets Clubhouse features -
Also “Communities” like FB Groups -
Super Followers -
Tweetdeck overhaul coming
PS Store discontinuing movie/TV purchases and rentals -
Action! SLI encoding
Razer announces $80 12” USB-powered ring light -
AMD Zen 3 EPYC launch coming in a few days -
YouTube causes kerfuffle with outside US tax info requirements and higher tax rates?
Twitch added auto Brand Safety Score… maybe? -

Community Contributions -
New Netflix blog post about the development and implementation of AVIF for images
Internet Archive Scholar - a collection of 25 million scholarly publications -
20 Bethesda games coming to Xbox Game Pass following the acquisition

00:00 Skip This
00:24 Intro
01:47 Housekeeping
05:47 New Elgato Products
09:20 XSplit VCam Watermark
10:28 Twitter new features! & Tweetdeck
17:10 Playstation Store discontinuing TV/Movie Rentals/Purchases
21:15 Mrilis Action! gets SLI encoding support?
24:13 Commercial Break & Unboxing
28:00 Rant about Pokemon scalping & resellers
32:20 Razer 12" USB LED Ring Light
33:40 AMD 3rd Gen EPYC
34:08 YouTube out-of-US Tax weirdness
35:12 Twitch Brand Safety Score
39:35 YouTube Community Contributions archive
40:51 Netflix AVIF for Images
42:02 Internet Archive Scholar
43:00 Bethesda games coming to Xbox Game Pass
44:01 Q&A & Conclusion

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