Art and Architecture of The Mughal Empire।। Made by Swapnil Sarkar।।PowerPoint Presentation

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Hello viewers,
Welcome to another video on my channel.
And this video's topic is "Art and Architecture of The Mughal Empire".
I have made this using MS PowerPoint.
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Swapnil Sarkar

Time Stamps:-

00:00-Introduction Slide

00:08-What is Architecture

00:15-Main Features of Mughal Architecture (PART-1)

00:25-Main Features of Mughal Architecture (PART-2)

00:36-Architecture in Bengal before The Mughals

00:44-Materials Used in architecture in Bengal

00:55-Influence of Islamic architecture in architectural wonders of Murshidabad

01:05-The collaboration of Mughal and local styles of architecture in the temples of Bishnupur

01:15-Regional art of Bengal and Mughal influence on them.

01:22-Thank You Page

01:29-End Screen
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