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Welcome to my channel! Today, I will be doing the booktube newbie tag of haha. I decided to only answer 6 of the original 10 questions but have included all 10 below if you want to do this booktube newbie tag! Hope you enjoy and decide to stick around :)

I got these questions from Captured in Words:

What genres would you like to see talked about more on BookTube?
What do you feel is the best way(s) to make friends on BookTube?
What will/do you enjoy most about making BookTube videos?
What will/do you least look forward to when making BookTube videos?
What videos other than tags, TBRs, wrap-ups, reviews and recommendations would you want to see more of?
What are some themes you want to see more of or less of in books?
What are some of your BookTube goals?
What advice would you give to a BookTuber that has just created their channel?
What are some qualities or traits that you look for when it comes to watching other BooTubers?
What is a fun fact about you or a hobby besides reading and writing that people on BookTube might not know you have?
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