Cable & Stryfe: The Clone Saga | Cable #8 Review! | Krakin' Krakoa #159

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Cable #8 continues young teen baby Nate’s hunt for Stryfe, his archnemesis alt-clone, looking to put a stop to his baby kidnapping schemes! Cable loops in Domino, longtime ally and sometime romantic interest of Old Man Cable, and the odds shift in the search for Stryfe.

Today I’ll Answer:
+ What’s the history of Cable and Domino’s relationship?
+ What it means for Krakoa to be looking down this many clones of Nate Summers
+ What in the heck is going on with Old Man Cable!
+ Theories and predictions for things to come!

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Phil Noto
Letters: Joe Sabino

Cable goes out w/ Domino in Tokyo, primarily to follow up on the case of the missing mutant babies that Stryfe and his Order of X have kidnapped, but also because Young Teen Cable doesn’t totally understand all these longtime alliances the older version of himself has established.

What is Cable and Domino's relationship historically? They’ve been involved romantically on and off again, but most lasting, Domino is a very early part of Cable’s early 90’s X-Force days, debuting via creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in X-Force #8. There are few mutants who have fought as closely, or as regularly beside the OG Cable


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