Canon FTb & FTb N QL Video 2 | Operation, Taking a Photo, Double Exposures, Battery Options, & Film

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Today we would call the FTb and FTb N QL cameras prosumer or advanced amateur cameras. The FTb was the step-down from Canon's F-1 camera and represented a high-end camera choice for people who couldn't justify the F-1. The FTb could be paired, at the store, with a 55mm , 50mm , and 50mm All three lenses had different target markets.

The Canon FTb and Canon FTb N differ in some cosmetics and one feature, the FTb N also includes a shutter speed display in the viewfinder. This video uses an older FTb but everything we discuss applies equally to the FTb N as well.

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Video Index:
Skip the Intro: 0:15
Changing the Battery in the Canon FTb & FTbN: 0:38
Mercury Battery Alternatives for the Canon FTb & FTbN: 2:58
Mounting and Removing Lenses from the Canon FTb & FTbN: 7:35
Loading and Unloading Film from the Canon FTb & FTbN: 8:27
Flash use with the Canon FTb & FTbN: 13:28
Stop-down Metering with the Canon FTb & FTbN: 18:17
How to take a Picture with the Canon FTb & FTbN: 21:01
Double Exposures with the Canon FTb & FTbN: 22:19
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Canon FTb & FTb N QL Video 1: Interface


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