Celebrity Tik Tok Videos With Their Kids

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Famous Kids Who Made TikTok Videos With Their Parents. Reese Witherspoon And Other Celebrity Parents Learn Tik Tok From Their

Celebrity parents are having a blast doing videos with their kids on Tik Tok. And the kids are having a great time dancing with their parents. Well, most of them are. Courtney Cox’s daughter, Coco, apparently lost some patience with her mom when they were trying to make their choreographed dance Tik Tok. Reese Witherspoon totally embarrassed her son, Deacon, when she busted some slick mom dance moves as he tried to teach her about Tik Tok. Romeo Beckham used his mom’s Spice Girl fame to gain more followers. According to Victoria Beckham, , Posh Spice, he asked her to dance with him in a video to “Spice Up Your Life” so he could get more followers on Tik Tok.

Britney Spears and her sister, Jamie Lynn, made a black and white music video with her kids and it looks like the best dance party ever! Iris Apatow got her parents, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann to lip sync to a scene from their movie, “This is 40” on her Tik Tok. Laura Dern totally took over her daughter, Jaya’s Tik Tok and it was hilarious. Will Smith nods to his son, Jaden in one of his ultra-creative videos. Amy Schumer is posting the most adorable videos with her baby. Mariah Carey celebrated Christmas on Tik Tok with her pajama-clad kids while dancing to “All I Want for Christmas.” Jessica Alba has a ton of fun with her kids on Tik Tok, dancing and doing makeovers. And Jimmy Fallon won his daughter a stuffed cat from the arcade crane machine. Here are the celebrity parents who make Tik Tok videos with their kids.
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