CK2: Tianxia #23 - Final Invasion Begins

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Clan Panchi, disgraced and destroyed by their eternal rivals, and new imperial family, Clan Franku, find themselves thrust back into power. To the west, new rumours arise, somehow, of a new land far beyond the seas.

This time around we're playing the Tianxia: Silk Road expansion mod. I hadn't heard of this mod at all until it was pointed out to me by the comments section, so this one will be one of the rare mysterious mods remaining for CK2 that I have absolutely no experience with!

=== Full Mod List ===

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Steam Workshop collection:

Featuring Tianxia:

A Bigger Interface
Created by Kamufen

A Rev. Font Mod - Dark
Created by Jmuf

A Revolutionary Borders Mod
Created by Kryo

All Artifacts At Once
Created by Dratoran

Better AI: Roleplaying Education Focus
Created by Dragatus

Artifact Search
Created by

Artifact Acquisition and Overhaul
Created by Auirus

Better Looking Garbs Full
Created by Nendur

Caesar's Books - Immersive Artifacts [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Byakugan and Sharingan - Ancestors
Created by KhalO

Created by Death of Rats

Caesar's Wonders - Immersive Great Works [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Crimson Tooltip
Created by Knight Paragon

Colored Buttons
Created by [LA] Gumba

Cannibal Kings
Created by Buzhidao

Created by Hehodas

Favor: Impossible Invitation Warning
Created by Dratoran

Flogi's Buildings & Technology Mod
Created by flogi

In heaven's Graphics overhaul: No fog
Created by In heaven

Improved Genetics
Created by Crimson9

Goodbye Grandma, a mod to prune infertile female courtiers.
Created by mastervovan

Interface: Century Gothic
Interface: Stellaris Colors
Created by Olympian

Created by Roll1D2Games

Less Random Deadly Duels
Created by Dragatus

Larger Artifacts Menu
Created by Tonnes

Medieval Coffin Dance
Created by Doctor T'Soni

More Bloodlines
Created by orhun

More Buildable Wonders - NEW Great Works [✔️HIP]
Created by CaesarTheRoman

Patrum Scuta
Created by Solo

Orange Ransom Button
Created by Veka

Created by Kewsor

Rename Anyone
Created by Sketchy

The Dragonkin Secret Society
Created by Kilkakon

Roll's Community Traits Mod V2 (Base Game Only! Check Description!)
Created by Roll1D2Games

Rich Childhood
Created by Slothinator

The Imperial Court Societies
Created by Auirus

The Great Trade League
The Orders of Chivalry
Created by Maal

Tooltip: Century Gothic Bold 18
Created by Olympian

WOWGAG's More Artifacts & Bloodlines
Created by ๖ۣۜWG:: Great WOWGAG

Trait Softcap Exterminated
Created by XDbored

[LMM] Councillor XP
[LMM] Immersive Army Leadership
[LMM] Spouse Empowerment
Created by LordMidas™

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