D3O: The Life-Saving Protective Goo

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Scrolling through your mobile, you get distracted for a moment, and the phone slips from your hand. While watching the freefall of the phone for what feels like an eternity, you pray that nothing happens to the screen.

There are various kinds of screen protectors on the market, but none can guarantee full protection like D3O. It may surprise you to hear that this material is, in fact, a goo. Want to buy some awesome items made from this goo? Head here:

In a nutshell, D3O is an ingredient brand that specializes in innovative impact protection technologies and products. D3O shock-absorbing goo hardens on impact, thus forming a protective layer around the object.

D3O goo’s natural state behaves as a fluid, flowing easily. This enables the goo to be worn since it doesn't interfere with mobility.

Today, the goo is used for various purposes, and from D3O armor to insoles, this efficient material has found its place in our lives one way or another.

Also, there is no one formulation or application of the material. There is D3O putty as well as D3O foam.

In a world where small and vulnerable things are getting more valuable, it is getting harder and harder to protect them from impacts.

Luckily, engineers and scientists have been working to solve these kinds of problems for decades, and D3O is a living example of how successful they are at doing so. If you want to learn more about this 'magical' goo, be sure to check out our video!

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