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KD and Kundan are back with yet another tipsy tale from their drunk chronicles. This time around, Kundan is assigned with the heavy duty task of switching the old school flamboyant KD into a Gen-Z Dude, will he emerge victorious or will their goal be viciously killed in the chaos that will follow, Watch and find out.

Harsh Beniwal -

Written by: Shivam, Harsh Beniwal , Purav Jha
Directed by: Harsh Beniwal,Akriti Bajpai
Director of Photography: Nitin Goyal Cam
Assistant DOP: Raju
Attendant: Alok, Jatin
Edited by: Anmol Prasher, Harsh Beniwal
Background Score: Harsh Beniwal
Associate director : Meghana Yadav
Color Correction: Anmol Prasher
Executive Producer: Mohit Chhikara
Spot: Vishal
Thumbnail: Vishal Rana (Pheonix)
Makeup by: Rajesh
Song Mix and Master : Muhfaad
Song Lyrics : Harsh Beniwal and Shivam
Comic Artwork : r_yan_art
Animation : Vfx guy aman

Harsh Beniwal
Pratishtha Sharma
Gaurav Arora
Purav Jha
Akriti Bajpai
Hinisha Chauhan
Amit Om Malik
Anmol Prasher

Song used
Pyo Putt - Desi Frenzy



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