Destiny 1 & 2: The Darkness [The Complete Story So Far]

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Destiny 1 & 2: The Darkness [The Complete Story So Far]

The second law of Thermodynamics is "Entropy". Entropy is the universe being plunged into complete, utter chaos. Down to a subatomic level. It is believed that this is what the Darkness wants and they claim to be our "salvation". They wish for the universe to obtain one final, perfect shape and they believe those who are unworthy of existence should be annihilated by something more worthy of existence. Although, it is clear that these beings were responsible for The Collapse, an extinction level event that hit humanity during The Golden Age. The Traveler was able to repel them, but at a cost to the Traveler itself. In it's dying breaths, it created the Ghosts, and Guardians began to appear. However, it seems like they have got much stronger than before and a second Collapse is on the horizon.

The Darkness (aka The Winnower) is the overall antagonist of the Destiny franchise and the antithesis to the Traveler (aka The Gardener). Leaks label this new race as "The Veil", which seems to be the case with the lore book obtained from the Pyramid Ship's unknown artifact, which gives us 11 lore entries under a lore book entitled "Unveiling". This will likely be the ultimate enemy we face in Destiny 3. Although, it is unclear if we will survive their ruthless onslaught a second time. As revealed in Season of Dawn, Saint-14 speaks at our own funeral. It is likely we die in a final confrontation with the Darkness. Especially with the creation of the exotic fusion rifle, Bastion, whose weapon core was found at our grave. It seems that our creation of the weapon has already sealed our fate.

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