DIY Turmeric Brightening Face Mask | Full Formula & Measurements!

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I formulated a cleansing face mask using Turmeric powder, Turmeric essential oil, Kaolin clay, Lemon peel extract, & other ingredients to brighten skin for a natural glow. Comment down below your thoughts. ????✨

✨Created & formulated by YAYA. Please credit & tag if you use this formula. Thank you ????????✨
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→ Timestamps:
00:00​​ Intro
01:07 Phase A
02:11 Phase B
03:00 Phase C
03:29 Phase D
08:25 Cool Down Phase
09:21 Packaging
09:50 Final Product

*Q U I C K L I N K*
Thickener: Crothix - ​​
2 oz plastic bottles: ​

✨DIY Turmeric Brightening Face Mask
→ HOW TO USE: Apply an even coat over the face and neck; making sure to avoid your eyes, eyebrows, & lips. Allow to dry for 10 minutes or more, and gently wipe clean with a warm facial cloth.

→ Formula:
Ingredients | Measurements (g=grams) | Approx. 4 oz ( g)

g | Distilled Water
g | Sodium Carbomer - (Similar, but pH sensitive)
*I got mines pre-neutralized at LotionCrafters

g | Lotionpro 165 - LotionCrafters
g | Isopropyl Myristate -
g | Coconut oil - ​

g | Cocamidopropyl Betaine - (Similar)
g | Caprylyl/Capril Glucoside - (Similar)

g | Turmeric Powder -
g | Kaolin Clay-
g | Witch Haze Hydrosol - LotionCrafters

g | Lemon Peel Extract (oil soluble) - FSS
g | Vitamin E -
g | Liquid Germall Plus -
10 drops | Turmeric Essential oil -
50% Citric Acid Solution | 1 drops pH adjuster - ​​

As needed | Liquid Crothix - ​

✨ Here is the scale I am using: ​​​

1. Should I add a preservative to the Turmeric Brightening Face Mask?
Answer: Yes, Period! Or NO, if it is for a one time use.
Reason: Bacteria, Mold, Fungus on your face! EWWW. Refrigeration will NOT preserve your product. Nasties start growing within 24 hours even when refrigerated. However, please refrigerate if you do not use a preservative at your own risk.

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3. Mini Pipettes: ​​​
4. Immersion Blender: ​​​
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6. Large scale: ​​​
7. Glass Beakers: ​​​
8. Glass Stirring rod: ​​​
9. Glass prep bowls: ​​​
10. 4 oz Clear plastic jars: ​​​
11. Single electric Hot Plate: ​​​
12. Frosted 8 oz Jars - Usually SOLD OUT, but you can try Soapgoods or Premiumvials.
13. 8 oz Big plastic Jars
14. Sauce pan/ Milk pan: ​​​

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