DML Revealed all Earth Ancient Dragons-Dragon Mania legends | Hatched 4th The Magician Dragon | DML

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Today Dml release (Short Video) for all New/Main dragons for upcoming Earth Ancient event on DML Facebook/Instagram/Dml Discord official page
Below are the event details
14 Jun - 12 Jul: Dragon Board
Rare Dice Chest Reward: This no dragon in rare chest
Only event currency when opening these chests.
Epic Dice Chest Reward: Reptilian Dragon pieces, guaranteed dragon after 190 opens
Ancient Dice Chest Rewards: Polveles Dragon pieces & extraordinary Enchant Materials,
guaranteed dragon after 220 opens

Bingo Card : new dragon available each week.
Now the Bingo will be your primary source for event currency
100 event currency available to collect for each row or column
two tickets awarded for each diagonal completed

Double Trouble Battles : the story of the Origin of Earth event
defeat challenging battles to collect Ancient Tickets and
unlock the final reward, the epic Skunk Dragon

Ancient Chests: Available Jun 14 to Jul 12
Opening chests will reward you with pieces of one dragon
As an added bonus, one chest can be opened for free after every 25 chests

The dragon parts you can collect from Ancient Chests are:
Fundiju Dragon (Ancient)
Toy Fairy Dragon (Legendary)
Tropic Dragon (Legendary)
Razorhelm Dragon (Epic)
Orange Throat Dragon (Epic)
Envoy Dragon (Rare)

Collection Events : hatching Dragons during the Ancient Event
Midnight Rendezvous: Jun 14-21
Ivory Dragon (Ancient Dungeon Reward)
Razorhelm Dragon (Epic Ancient Chest Reward)
Jinqiu Dragon (Dragon of the Week Breeding)

First Impressions: Jun 28 - Jul 5
Memorial Dragon (Ancient Dungeon Reward)
Cowpoke Dragon (Dragon of the Week Breeding)
Fennec Dragon (Bingo Reward)

Tezacueva Rising: Jun 14 - Jul 19 hatching Dragons below dragons
Reptilian Dragon (Epic Dragon Board Reward)
Skunk Dragon (Double Trouble Reward)
Toy Fairy Dragon (Legendary Ancient Chest Reward)

Enroja Rising: Jun 14 - Jul 19
Hatch the following dragons to add the ultimate Ancient Earth Dragon, Enroja
Polveles Dragon (Main Dragon Board Reward)
Fundiju Dragon (Main Ancient Chest Reward)
Tezacueva Dragon (Tezacueva Rising Collection Event Reward)

Special Ancient Dungeons: Jun 14 - Jul 12
Each week throughout the Origin of Earth
you'll find Ancient Tickets inside every chest within the dungeon

Jul 12-19: Catch-Up Dungeon
The week after the Origin of Earth main event has ended
a second chance to find parts for any of the Ancient Event's Dragons
Toy Fairy Dragon
Reptilian Dragon, Tropic Dragon
Razorhelm Dragon, Orange Throat Dragon.

Hatched out my fourth new dotm the magician dragon
Also Complete today sigil battle and some battle in new the nightmare map

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DML Revealed all Earth Ancient Dragons-Dragon Mania legends | Hatched 4th The Magician Dragon | DML

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