Downfall of the U.B.C.S. in Resident Evil 3 Remake Explained - (Road To RE3 Remake)

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So what caused the downfall of the in resident evil 3 remake and what other catalyst could have made the situation worst for this rag tag group of soldiers from the umbrella corporation.

As we delve in and discuss how the umbrella biohazard countermeasure service was overwhelmed during the raccoon city incident in the classic re3. Were we also discuss some of the key members which includes carlos, nikolai, mihkail, murphy, and tyrrell. we'll also discuss how carlos was able to meet up with jill valentine as she tries to escape the city while being hunted down by one of umbrella's tyrants, nemesis.

we'll also use some footages from the recent resident evil 3 remake trailer and see what we can expect for this new remake compared to the original re3.

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