Easy Pasta Primavera (Pasta with Spring Vegetables) | Kenji's Cooking Show

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This video is coming in a little late so you probably aren't finding the best spring peas or favas now, but you can do this just as well with summer snap peas, green beans, zucchini, snow peas, or other types of fresh green summer vegetables.

My full printed Pasta Primavera recipe on Serious Eats:

Melissa Clark's Pasta Primavera from the New York Times:

Pasta water should be salted to between .5 and 2% (more or less depending on taste and on how salty the sauce and other ingredients are). It should never be as salty as the sea (which is about ). Here's some testing:

Here's a guide to how to properly finish pasta with a sauce and pasta water in the pan:

The original spaghetti Primavera, which Sirio Maccione introduced to Le Cirque in 1975:

Clio, where Felipe was a fava and pea-shucking master, does not exist any more, but it is now Uni, a restaurant I used to work at when it was still just a 12-seat bar in the basement of Clio:

The London restaurant where I saw the cooks toss out 95% of the asparagus (among other really atrocious practices all around) actually closed in 2019. It's now a bar and grill run by the same shouty British chef. I have no idea how well it is run now. I hope it is not as abusive.
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