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Retired FBI Agent Kevin Waller reacts to FBI Agents in The GTA Series. Ever wondered how realistic these scenes are? What would a real FBI agent do in these kinds of circumstances? How does the FBI collaborate with other organizations? What is the FBI allowed to do, and what's not allowed? How does an FBI agent train to get into top physical condition? Watch the episode to learn all this and more!

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Kevin Waller:
00:00 Intro
00:19 Host Introduction
00:39 How FBI shows up on a crime scene
02:29 Lie detectors
03:02 Breaking into the FBI office
04:41 The locals
05:02 Police vests
05:12 Characters' look
05:37 How FBI shoots the suspects
05:55 Workout and physical activities
06:32 How FBI function
08:14 Conclusion
08:31 Outro
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