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Good times backpacking and camping with my goats (Lucky Bill & Levi) & dogs (Ash & Juni). I love exploring remote wilderness lakes in search of good trout fishing. I find the harder it is to get there the better it is when I arrive! I love finding somewhere quiet, where I feel completely alone. This trip, not so much. Cowboys are yelling and cursing in the background with their dogs, driving the cattle making quite a raucous. Would have been irritating if it weren't so entertaining. It was very fun watching real cowboys on horses working cattle the old fashion way. Good camping, good food and a general reset before going back to my busy life!

When the goats are three years old they will be able to pack as much as 50lbs each (depending on how big they get 150 - 200 Lb. They can carry 25% of their weight) I bring them now for training. The dogs only carry what they need. The goats don't need much so most of what they carry will be for me or for the dogs.

Many of the products shown in this video (and my other video's) are available on my website

5" G2 Firebox Stove:

Ultra Cook Kit:

Coffee Kit:
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