Fishing Live Fiddler Crabs For Bridge Piling Sheepshead

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In this video, my buddy Jordan and I decided use live fiddler crabs as bait to go sheepshead fishing. We had never used fiddler crabs before, but we've heard that it is one of the best baits you can have. We dropped these crabs around bridge pilings and it didn't take long for us to learn why people swear by these baits.

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Penn Clash 3000:
St. Croix Mojo Inshore 7' 6" Medium-Lite:
15# braid:
2' of 15# fluoro leader:
Size 2 live bait hook:
Knocker rig with 1/2 egg weight
Live fiddler crabs

GoPro Head Mount:
Fancy Camera:
Camera Microphone:
55-210mm Lens:
Camera SmallRig Cage:

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