Fortnite Boss Song | Boss Shadow MIDAS Returns (Official Music Video) By DrogonX

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Fortnite Boss Song with Boss Shadow Midas and Henchmen - what they really say - Boss Shadow MIDAS Returns (Full Music Video) Available on Spotify: and other platforms
Fortnite Song introducing Shadow Midas and his henchmen in Fortnite as part of Fortnitemares. I pretended to be Midas using just the sounds of Shadow Midas voice and the henchmen voice with what Shadow Midas is saying translated
Boss Shadow Midas returns Fortnite Bosses Song
Fortnite like a boss pretending to be a fake boss Shadow Midas and Henchmen in a Fortnite song
Created by DrogonX
This is a Family Friendly video and contains no swearing using the voices from the Fortnite game

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