Future Gohan & Trunks VS Android 17 & 18 Boss Fight! Gohan LOSES HIS ARM! | DBZ: Kakarot (DLC3)

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Please be sure to support this video by giving it a LIKE, PLEASE! With that said, this video takes into account the story mode of “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot-Trunks The Warrior of Hope” in which it covers the history of Trunks. For this part, Teen Trunks and Gohan encounter Android 17 & Android 18! Gohan also manages to lose his arm in their second encounter with each other!

This is a pretty big DLC from playing this game so far. We have appearances from Future Bulma, Future Chi chi, Ox King, and more!

Introduction: 0:00
Future Gohan & Trunks Vs Android 17 & 18: 6:44
Dialogue/Interactions: 9:56
2nd Boss Battle(Gohan Loses Arm): 33:36

Future Gohan And Future Trunks VS Android 17 & Android 18
Android 17 & 18 Boss Battle
Imperfect Cell Boss Fight
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Trunks The Warrior of Hope DLC 3
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DBZ Kakarot Story Mode
Trunks Transforms into A Super Saiyan
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