Future House Mix 2020 Vol.1

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Future House Mix 2020
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The first part of the best Future House music could not be missing???? Get ready for really amazing sounds????

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0:00 Skrillex - Bangarang feat. Sirah (RetroVision Flip) (Extended Mix)
3:08 Aiden Lewis - Something Good
6:14 Conor Ross & SFRNG - Escape (Extended Mix)
8:46 Jarah Damiël & Ez Quew - Bigger (Extended Mix)
11:24 Facading - Dont Need You (Extended Mix)
14:26 Ben van Kuringen - Need U Forever
17:30 Laidback Luke Keanu Silva - Oh Yes (Rockin With The Best) [RetroVision Extended Remix]
20:00 Ku De Ta - Been A Long Time
24:28 Guy Didden - Awaken (Extended Mix)
27:42 Exce - On My Mind
30:35 Remon - Needed You The Most (Extended Mix)
33:31 Domastic - Memories (Extended Mix)
36:50 Aeden & Joellé - I Feel Crazy [NCS Release]
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39:11 Charlie Arthur & Kaedn - Letting Go
41:54 Laidback Luke - Cant Hold My Tongue (Conor Ross Remix)

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►About InfernoFactory.
Our channel was created because we love playing with House Music, mainly genres such as Future House, Deep House, Bass House and G-House. Of course, we don't limit ourselves to other types of music. We create DJ Sets from the best tracks. Our goal is support artists by uploading Music Mixes and single tracks. We want to provide artists with a new audience and promote the works of less known creators. Our community brings together people for whom this type of music is a part of their lives and people who contribute to the development of House Music. We support artists who create original high-quality and also underground sounds. That's what we do. Music is part of our culture that connects people with each other, has a positive effect on well-being and there is also a form of rest. Everyone usually enjoys the music. Making music is not only fun but also work that we respect. These two issues can be combined, which is what we want to show. Everyone can create music, if they love it. Also, our videos aims to encourage more people to become part of the House Music community and to create their own music. If you love these sounds and have been looking for it for a long time, you've come to the right place. Now, you don't have to search for your favorite tunes, you'll find them all in our DJ Sets. Our Mixes fit perfectly at the party and in the car. However, if you don't know what is House Music, we'll show you! The best way to do that is if you listen to it yourself.

►What is Future House?
Future House is one of House Music's most popular subgenres. There are more and more artists representing this genre, and the number of fans is increasing every year. This music genre is a fusion of Deep House, UK Garage and elements of further EDM species. It was created in the 2010s in United Kingdom. Tracks from Future House genre generally have a muted melody with an elastic-sounding, metallic drop and frequency-modulated basslines. Future House's producers are appreciated on the wide music scene.

►What is Tomorrowland?
Tomorrowland is one of the largest and most recognizable Electronic Dance Music festivals. Concerts are held every year, usually at the end of July. Every year, thousands of fans from around the World come there to see and listen to their idols. The concert venue is located near Antwerp in Belgium. A big attraction is also the appearance of the scene itself, which every year captures the atmosphere of the event with original, futuristic and fairytale appearance.

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Future House Mix 2020
Skrillex - Bangarang feat. Sirah (RetroVision Flip) (Extended Mix)
Jarah Damiël & Ez Quew - Bigger (Extended Mix)
Guy Didden - Awaken (Extended Mix)
Domastic - Memories (Extended Mix)
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