God of War III - Complete Soundtrack - GoW Trilogy / Saga

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God of War Trilogy's full OST soundtrack from the third game in the saga: God of War III. Long list:

01 God of War III Overture
02 Call to Arms
03 Poseidon's Wrath
04 Revenge Falling
05 Anthem of the Dead
06 Depths of Hades
07 The Forge of Hephaestus
08 Labor of Destruction
09 The Three Judges
10 The Lost Souls
11 Duel with Hades
12 Tides of Chaos
13 Stalker
14 The Muse's Song
15 Brothers of Blood
16 Lure of a Goddess
17 The March of Tartarus
18 The Great Machine
19 Pandora's Song
20 Revenge Rising
21 All for Nothing
22 Rage of Sparta
23 In the Face of Fear
24 End of Vengeance

Composed by
Gerard Marino
Mike Reagan
Winifred Phillips
Ron Fish
Cris Velasco
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