Halloween Nursery Rhymes - Shadow Ninjas Compilation | Didi & Friends

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“Sneaky as can be, Shadow Ninjas you will see.
Run and jump ever so sleek, striking enemies as they creep.”

Follow the Path of the Shadow Ninjas with this fresh tune compilation!
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0:07 Ninja Run - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
1:57 AEIOU Tiki Taka - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
3:47 Sleepy Mummy - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
5:37 Popcorn Pop - Trick or Treat Nursery Rhymes
7:27 Chased By Bones - Halloween Series
14:26 Zombie Dance - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
16:17 Pirate Jam - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
18:06 Vampire Family - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
19:56 Ice Cream - Trick or Treat Nursery Rhymes
21:47 Monster Showdown - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
23:37 Dinosaur Rock
25:27 Monster Shark
27:17 Cockroach
29:07 Ninja Run - Halloween Nursery Rhymes


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