Halloween Nursery Rhymes - Sleepy Mummy Compilation | Didi & Friends

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You gotta listen to this new compilation. It’s filled with hip-hop beats and wrap! Suitable genre for a Mummy yeah? Play this at night, and beware the sleepy mummy may scare ;)
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A new compilation video, including one of our own Halloween Series Special Featuring "Sleepy Mummy"

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0:05 Sleepy Mummy - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
1:55 Ninja Run - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
3:45 AEIOU Tiki Taka - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
5:35 Ice Cream - Trick or Treat Nursery Rhymes
7:25 Chased By Bones - Halloween Series
14:25 Monster Showdown - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
16:15 Vampire Family - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
18:05 Popcorn Pop - Trick or Treat Nursery Rhymes
19:55 House Of Mystery - Halloween Series
26:55 Zombie Dance - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
28:45 Pirate Jam - Halloween Nursery Rhymes
30:35 Monster Shark
32:25 Cockroach
34:15 Cowboys
36:05 Dinosaur Rock
37:55 Sleepy Mummy - Halloween Nursery Rhymes

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