Hell in Re:Zero & Emilia's Future EXPLAINED | Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 23 Review/Analysis

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Garfiel fights Elsa while Emilia passes the 3rd trial and Ram confesses her love to Roswaal. Best episode of the entire season btw.

I hope you enjoy my review of Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 23 AKA ReZero Episode 48.

Subaru does nothing this episode besides fail to kill the Guiltylowe. Garfiel uses his beast transformation to decapitate Rock Piggie, while Frederica kidnaps Meili. With just Elsa remaining, Garfiel fights her desperately, eventually crushing her with Rock Piggie's corpse. Meanwhile, Emilia faces the future of Re:Zero. Of course they didn't actually animate it because it would've been spoiler-heavy, but the context of the voice acting is enough to form many different theories. Ram confesses her love to Roswaal in the middle of their fight, and steals his Gospel, tossing it in the fire. Roswaal then appears to defeat both Ram and Puck quickly before the credits roll down.

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