How Donald Glover Built An Empire

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An incredible look into Donald Glover's unconventional path to Hollywood

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is an actor, comedian, hip hop artist, writer, director… basically if it’s a talent, Glover probably mastered it already. In this video we examine how he’s changed the world with his art, be it through music hits like Because the Internet and This is America or his screen endeavors like Community, Atlanta, or 30 Rock. He’s even had an effect on the comic book industry by being one of the inspirations for Into the Spider-Verse’s Miles Morales. Oh, and of course we have to mention Mystery Team, ‘cause you know… it’s Mystery Team!

0:00 Intro - 30 Rock
2:28 Upbringing and Derrick Comedy
3:22 Pursuing Acting
4:02 Community and Miles Morales
7:10 Bigger Aspirations
9:23 Atlanta
11:08 This is America
12:56 Conclusion

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Written by: Michael Keene
Narrated by: Michael Keene
Edited by: Michael Keene

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