How the Rich Energy and Haas Twitter Saga Unfolded During Silverstone

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In just over a week in the world of Formula 1 Haas have gone from having a title partner for 2019 to not even knowing the name of their title partner let alone if the contract they have still exists. There's been endless twitter posts from Rich energy and now their CEO William Storey has left and the brand renamed to 'Lightning Volt'. In this video I will be looking back at what started this twitter saga and what lies for Haas F1 in the

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Rich Energy to Lightning Volt & Storey’s out:

William Storey has announced his “disgust” over his ousting as Rich Energy boss with the company subsequently rebranded as Lightning Volt.

Rich Energy CEO departs as Haas F1 sponsor changes its name

Haas sponsor saga takes fresh twist as Rich Energy is renamed

Controversial CEO William Storey is no longer associated with the Rich Energy company he founded, UK government documents have confirmed, with it now being renamed ‘Lightning Volt’.

However, Storey confirmed his departure on the Rich Energy via Twitter today, noting: “William Storey founder of @rich_energy has sold his majority stake in the legal entity of Rich Energy limited. This decision was reluctantly reached due to the duplicitous conduct of minority stakeholders. To quote @Schwarzenegger he will be back!”

Haas livery to change? Rich Energy in major transformation

The rowing between Haas and Rich Energy has seemingly come to an end, after the drinks company's CEO William Storey sold his shares, but is it just the start of another story?

Rich Energy changes name as Storey leaves company

Rich Energy, the energy drinks company that sponsors the Haas F1 team, has renamed itself Lightning Volt and split ways with former CEO William Storey.

Rich Energy changes name as Storey leaves company

Haas: Rich Energy saga doesn't hurt our image

Doubt was cast over the future of the title sponsorship deal ahead of the British Grand Prix when Rich Energy's Twitter account claimed the company had terminated its contract with Haas. It later emerged that there was an internal dispute at the company, with Storey hoping to end the sponsorship and a group of shareholders keen to continue.
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