How to Beat Professor Evil Again in BTD Battles | Week 13 Part 2

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How to Beat Professor Evil Again in BTD Battles | Week 13 Part 2 This is a tutorial on how to beat professor evil again in btd battles! Bloons td Battles professor evil challenge is back, and this description makes good btd metadata :). Good luck beating professor evil btd battles, and u guys got this!

i spent a few tries doing this, because i wanted to play perfectly and avoid mistakes lol

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A Little About Me:
- I am a guy if u guys were wondering and felt awkard about commenting lol
- I as inspired by many big Youtubers like Alukian, ZigZagPower, Asian Sensation, Boltrix, Trippy Pepper, Molt, and others who I greatly respect for their awesome content.
- I play a lot of games, but this channel is only for BTD.
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all this is juicy metadata!
I lost to the tutorial in btd battles (my game crashed)

If u readin this u cool.
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