How to Perfect Shadow Boxing with Visualization to Improve Boxing Skills

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Learn how to perfect your shadow boxing with visualization to improve your boxing skills. In this video, Tony Jeffries shows you the best thing you can do in Shadow Boxing so you can get the most out of your shadowboxing session. Shadow Boxing is a brilliant extension of the warm up and it's great to work on any bad habits that you might have. If you are looking for tips and techniques how to shadow box - this video is perfect for you!

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My name is Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medallist now co-owner of Box 'N Burn, 2 boxing fitness gyms in Los Angeles, as well as the Box 'N Burn i a sour education program where we teach trainers how to teach boxers (Link below)

0:00 How to Perfect Shadow Boxing with Visualization
0:08 Advantage of shadow boxing
1:04 Visualization
1:51 Improving bad habits in boxing
2:22 Visualize your opponents

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