I Built the IMPOSSIBLE LEGO Triangle! (Crazy LEGO Illusions)

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I built IMPOSSIBLE LEGO creations using LEGO illusion tricks!
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⭐ In this video ⭐
1. The most AMAZING LEGO illusions created by LEGO Master Builders
2. How to Build 4 simple LEGO illusions with your own LEGO Bricks
3. The LEGO Illusion Challenge! (How far can you get?!)

Watch the entire video to see all 3 parts!

❓ What are LEGO Illusions ❓
LEGO illusions are artistic building techniques in order to capture an image that is confusing or illogical in perception. LEGO builders use LEGO Bricks, LEGO Minifigures, and many clever building techniques in order to create the most amazing illusions!

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