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This game is in its very early versions so bugs and glitches are to be expected. If you encounter any, please report them to the developers. Thank you!

Challenge your friends and foes in the battlegrounds of feudal Japan in Dynasty! Unlock new weapons and become stronger as you fight your way to become the strongest fighter in the lands of Dynasty.

Shutdowns mean that we have updated the game.

Welcome to Na's Lair a place to interact with me and my fellow friends! I have recently had a name change from Bloopy to NasDaGreat! But it shouldn't matter much.

Make sure to like and sub to the channeldizzy and comment "NasGangstar2" were taking over army YouTube for Roblox.

I have a goal to hit 1million subs and I will! Please do not spam or do any form of abuse nobody likes one of those guys smh, let's all vibe and chill together.

Thank you for joining NasDaGreat's lair!

My goals on this podcast is to have a bunch of famous people or you guys come on to this podcast and talk to me tell me about your experiences on Roblox and different things like that q&A and so much more.

I have so much impact for this place so you can say my goals are set above the roof and beyond because I want to get as much people here and just have fun really.
This isn't somewhere that we will spread hate everybody is accepted here you can Dead, alive, gay, you can be a transformer I don't care as long as you enjoy my content and what I put out and if you mess with me then you're automatically able to be in here with me.
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