Insta 360 Go 2 - You Won't Believe What I Used This Camera For!

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Insta 360 released their new smallest action camera called the Go 2! This camera has all the features that many people want in small camera. But, how well is the picture quality and can it produce footage that filmmakers want? Find out in this video!

Camera Gear Used in Video:

► Insta 360 Go 2 (Official): | BH:
► Insta 360 One R:
► Invisible Selfie Stick:
► Camera:
► Lens:
► Light:


CHEAP Camera Gear You NEED!:

► Ball Head:
► Camera Monitor:
► Sony NPF-Style Battery (USED A LOT!):
► Dual Ballhead:
► RGB On-Camera Light:
► LUT Pack:
► Motorized Slider:
► Gimbal:
► Headphones:
► Backpack:
► Action Camera:
► Carbon Fiber Tripod:
► Cheap 50mm Lens (MUST-HAVE!):

Gear I Use to Make Videos:

1. Sony A7siii-
2. Sony A9-
3. Favorite Gimbal Lens-
4. General Lens-
5. BEST Telephoto Lens-
6. Favorite Gimbal-
7. Favorite Mic-

►My Full Video Production Kit:

Best Deals for Camera Gear!

Amazon Top Deals:
B&H Deal Zone:

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