Kari Jobe - Love So Holy (Audio / Live)

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“Love So Holy” (Live) official video by Kari Jobe.
Recorded live in Nashville, TN at The Belonging Co.
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God of all existence
Sovereign with no end
An architect of wonder
From dust You made a man
Speaking light from nothing
The universe aglow
Shining just to show me
You love me
You love me
You love me
This I know, this I know
Eyes as wild as fire 
Hair as white as wool
A voice with strength like thunder
You reign in humble rule
You left Your crown for suffering
For death upon a cross
You gave Your life to tell me
I’ve never known a love so holy
I’ve never known a heart so kind
I just want to bring You worship
I just want to yield my life
I don’t want to miss one moment
I don’t want to turn away
I just want to bring You reverence
I just want to love You the same 
I know it well
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