[Kirby vs Sonic Team Battle] JTLW4 vs NatsuME007

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Animator's notes:

JTLW4: This just might be the longest animation I've made. I had a lot of ideas while I was making this fight and I wanted to execute them as well as I possibly could. That being said, I even got to come up with a new attack for my Donnie, which was a Fire Kick. There are some parts that could have been better though. Either way, Donnie and Jamic were fun to animate and I'll most likely do even more stuff with Donnie (and other FCs) later on. I hope you enjoy.

NatsuME007: Hey Vsauce Michael here, I hope all of you guys enjoyed the fight! My part was rushed because of academics and other personal stuff. I could've done better but EH. Yo my opponent JTLW4 is a good opponent, support him for us, also I'd like to acknowledge SoulHunter67 for putting all his time and effort to make this collab successful and organized. Have a good day!

Collab Info:

The Kirby vs Sonic Team Battle is a collab where a team of Kirby animators and a team of Sonic animators will face off by having each member from each team pair up and participate in an MBR style battle, but with their Kirby and Sonic FC! The victor of each pair is decided by strawpoll votes as well as judges, which will result in a point for their team. The team with the most points will determine which fandom has the stronger animation scene: Team Kirby, or Team Sonic!

The trailer:
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