Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: Parson's Pleasure by Roald Dahl (Level 5 )

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Parson's Pleasure by Roald Dahl
Level 5_C1 Advanced
Audiobook with Subtitles
Mr. Boggis liked to drive slowly. He set up the driver's seat as comfortable as possible; one elbow always lay on the open window. A small village rushed through the windows. He saw rich greenery and bright, pleasantly smelling flowers. He smoked with pleasure. He was driving to a small group of cottages, which was located on the top of the hill, right in the middle of the trees. This village was called Brill Hill. Mr. Boggis took out a notebook and a pencil: the view was wonderful and he decided to draw a map of the area in order to understand where each house was located. All the pieces of land looked beautiful and well maintained. He saw a farm house, flowed into a beautiful stately house with many elms near it. Mr. Boggis finished all his things and decided to go to the pub to think well.
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