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Can murder victims give us information about their crime even after they're gone? Can the spirit realm really assist with obtaining justice? Situations are always much clearer when looking back vs in the moment. Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow have been recovered at the home of Chad Daybell. Chad has been arrested. Lori Vallow remains in jail. Today, we go over the PSB7 Spirit box session from four months ago, and see if any of the information we recorded makes any sense.

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I support Paranormal Unity! I am a skeptic turned believer! A truth seeker. There is much love in the afterlife, as there is here on earth. Don't forget to live in the moment! The field of ITC (Instrumental Trans-communication) is growing quickly! I AM an ITC I BELIEVE! Life IS Paranormal! Join us on this journey we call, Afterlife Research. The truth is mind blowing!

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