Meet the Guys Behind the Kaylin & Hobbs Pickles Empire

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Chris Hobson and Scott Kaylin reveal the story behind their wildly successful pickle company. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

In a world where sad, soft pickles get pushed to the back of the fridge, Chris and Scott set out on a mission to create a pickle worthy of a front-row spot. They met with original NY pickling families who do it best and started their own company to create the tastiest, crunchiest and most sought after pickles in Vancouver. Their pickle tasting bars allow folks to sample a wide variety of flavors, from the classic kosher dill to unique options like jalapeno, honey mustard and horseradish. Their pickles can be found in retail shops, local city markets and restaurants who serve unique dishes featuring Kaylin & Hobbs’ famous spears. With a community of loyal pickle eaters and plans to expand to the US in LA, Chris and Scott needed a simple and fast online platform that got the job done. Their sleek and engaging GoDaddy website handles wholesale orders with ease, integrates email marketing and serves as a portal to connect with pickle fans all over the globe.

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