Mike Love & The Full Circle - Live At Home In Hawaii

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Mike Love & The Full Circle - Live At Home In Hawaii
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In the early 2010’s I shifted from leading my band Dubkonscious to focusing on solo performance. My songwriting and creativity thrived and I began to record and release music under my own name. As time passed I longed for the dynamic of a band again and so I slowly began building one, handpicking musicians/friends from the vast array of talent available in the O’ahu music scene. After many years and countless performances, the band settled into the format you see here, which I dubbed “The Full Circle”. So many have contributed their talents to this group and have played a part in the culmination of work that led up to the recording of this live album, but the unit that you will see and hear here is a special one. Much has changed, in the world and within the band since we recorded this concert “At Home in Hawai’i” over a year ago on 6/5/19, which makes me even more grateful that we captured this snapshot in time of the band in top form at the venue that helped to give birth to it all, Hawaiian Brian’s. I want to thank my band and everyone that joined us that night to make it a truly special hallmark of my career. I also want to thank Jim Fox for doing such a fantastic job mixing and mastering, and Erin Ibarra for recreating her original artwork which hung in the hallway of Brian’s for so long. I know you will enjoy the evolution of so many of your favorite songs and I hope you can close your eyes and be transported in time to that night with us, singing and dancing, together as one. Enjoy!

Intro 00:00
Can't Take It With You When You Go 00:16
Gonna Make It 05:48
Be Thankful 13:23
Jayum 19:31
Movin' On 22:13
Human Race 28:09
Barbershop 36:59
Distant Travelers 43:54
Good News 52:59
I Love You 1:03:20
Jahwakening 1:09:02
Penniless 1:18:31
No Regrets 1:35:35
Let It Rain 1:42:05
Time To Wake Up 1:48:01
Permanent Holiday 1:57:01
No More War 2:18:17

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