Nioh 2 - The Mausoleum of Evil All Kodama Locations

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Nioh 2 The Mausoleum of Evil contains 9 Kodama Locations.

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In total there are 150 Kodama Locations in Nioh 2 for the Kodama Leader trophy. None of them are missable, you can still get them via mission replay later.

Finding them grants you Kodama blessings (such as more Amrita/XP) and increases the number of Elixirs you respawn with (every 5 Kodama per region gives you +1 Elixir on respawn). This makes them well worth getting as the Elixirs allow you to heal yourself.

When scrolling over a mission on the world map it shows how many Kodama you have found there. Scroll over a Twilight Mission to see how many you got in total out of 150.


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