OMG ! SOK...SOK...Young mother Rose super scare, What happen on Rose so scare like this?

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OMG ! mother Rose super scare, What happen on Rose so scare like this?

Dear All beloved subscribers and friends : Baby Monkey Lucas Channel is show all of you about the monkey life would like to share you about monkeys activity all day,eat,sleep,new baby born and new event too.

To let you know some information about the monkeys in each troops:
- Skippy present king
- Macus old king
- Achep old king before Macus (Now left group)
- Felix big male with big belly
- Caesar big male (Left group)
- Chimo young male (Now join with Amber group)
- Drew young male
- Jack young male with long body
- Sweetpea young male with big belly
- Mr Joey young male
- Amari old Alpha & baby Lori (Stay at WLA)
- Dolly is Alpha & new baby Dalton(Dolly Was Death Dalton stay at WLA)
- Maria present Alpha
- PoPeye has new baby Polino brother of SweetPea(Popeye Was Death)
- Poly younger sister of SP(She was death by car accident) Older sister of Polino
- Dana(Stay at WLA) Has baby Dony (M), Daniela(F) was death by big male Santra attacked)
- Merry(Missing) has baby Sherri and Maci
- Ashley (Pigtail)
- Jill Baby Name Brutus Jr (M)-Jilla (F)
- DeeDee young female daughter of Dolly has baby Delena
- Kari daughter of Maria was missing
- MAK present King
- Vinnie old male
- RollRoy big male help Mak
- Luki big male with white color
- Asoep big male
- Donkey old king left group
- King Kong old king left group
- Daisy mom April (F), Rey(M) new baby Dax(M)
- April mom Spring(F), Alexandra(), baby Asia (F)
- Queen mom Princess(F), Valintin(M), and baby Quinton(M)
- Jade mom Amber(Missing), Micha(Missing),Julina(F),Jayden()
- June was death (Fall from high tree)
- Jane baby Tarzana(F), Janet(F),Janna(F)
- Scarlet baby Asean(M), Sami(F)
- Violet baby Viola(F), Viki(F)
- Butter old female baby name Button
- Diamond was death baby Nanda(F), Devid(M), Dustin(M)
- Gladdis Baby Gorge(M), Gavin(M)
- Blacki young female baby Barbi(F), Bevin(M)
- Brianna hybrid baby Briget(F), Broncho(M), Bronx(M),Baron(M)
- Teresa mom of Brianna (Pigtail)
- Cara (F) old pigtail
- Bonita(F) kidnapper mom of Anita
- Rose young pigtail
- Duchess skinny female baby Duke(M), Dakota(F)
- Elsa mom Angel(F), Eleno(Death), Ellen(F)
- Angel young female baby Ada
- Balu present king
- Fluffy big male support Balu
- Tomson old male
- Banum young male hybrid
- Kiko young male long tail
- Jollyrol present Alpha
- Tara daughter of Jollyroll has baby Chris(M), Toni(Death), Titan(M)
- Big Bertha baby Ginger(F), Gino(M), Bailee(F)
- Leyla mom of baby Lola(F) now at WLA, Baby monkey Lucas(M)
- Peggy old female
- Brinn baby Bree (Missing), baby Brittany (F)
- Summara mom Amara(Kidnapper)
- Bella pigtail mom Banum
- Ella pigtail mom of Belley
- Belley baby Belliona-Bellona(Death)
- Charla at WLA mom baby Charlee(Death)
- Maddia mom Malo(M)
- Connie (F)
- Crualla left group
- Aliza left group

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